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A Sunday Stroll

Sometimes I am lucky enough to get the dairy all to myself. We'll be in between milkings and all is quiet on the farm. It's times like these that I enjoy walking around the dairy just enjoying my surroundings.

Today I was lucky enough to check out the spring grass popping up after our cold winter. As I walked around, I could constantly feel a cow walking slowly behind me in the background. They're curious beings and want to know what you're up to. They stay just far enough back to be able to bolt in response to a quick movement.

I really wish I could share the sounds going on around me. The sound of the cows chomping away on grass constantly blows me away. You can literally hear the sounds of their tongues wrapping around the grass to pull it out. (Did you know they did this? They don't chomp the grass off with their teeth, like you'd expect). The birds really come to life in the spring and are noisily chirping away. Yet, the sound that always gets me is the bull calling out to his girls. I'm so glad they find his call attractive, because it's not the "moo" that would get me headed his direction!

I love the daily hustle and bustle on the farm, but I treasure these little moments of peace when I get them!

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