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Around the Dinner Table

It dawned on me the other night that so many of the memories made in our house come from the dinner table. It's no secret that we are very wrapped up in food. We make milk. But, food has also become a part of our family life. Every event in our lives starts with the planning of the food we will make. It's often special requests by the kids. Our son suggested salmon for my husband and I to celebrate our recent anniversary. It wasn't about where my husband and I would go to dinner to celebrate on our own. It was about what our family dinner would be made up of. In another instance, Richard's recent birthday dinner may have seemed like a mish mash of food to others. But, it was made up of suggestions from the kids on what daddy's favorites were. The excitement to make something special for daddy just builds from there.

Knowing each others favorites, to helping prepare the food with a helpful attitiude, has become a part of how we celebrate. Which dishes haven't we made in awhile? What will make them happy on their special day? It's more heartfelt than any gift we could pick out.

As a mother, I love our time in the kitchen. It feels good to know that both of my kids can someday leave home and make a quality dinner. It's great to know that they'd rather throw something together at home than go out. I'm also hopeful that it will continue to help shape their food choices. I'm hopeful that they'll make thoughtful decisions for their own health, but also thoughtful choices about where their food comes from or the process that went into making that food.

As much as I love the food, the conversation around the dinner table can't be beat! It's amazing what we learn about our kids as they linger over their food. Our daughter never ceases to shock us and gives us plenty to laugh about after they've gone to bed. I already know that I will miss these times around the table as the kids get older. The only saving grace is that my son says he'll come home to visit just to eat! Here's hoping that he'll want to help with dishes by then...

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