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Go team! (Whoever your are?)

I keep waiting for a really great commercial to get me jazzed up about the Super Bowl 50. The last couple of years have been so exciting getting to cheer on our Seahawks. It's almost like this year is a let down! However, I was given to perfect excuse to sit on the floor and recover a foot stool. And... no one has to do laundry during the Super Bowl. I think that's a rule.

Our day starts the same no matter how exciting the day is supposed to be. Feeding the cows and getting milking out of the way always take priority. No one complains about Sunday feeding around here. Sunday is that day that our 10 year old joins my husband to help feed. It's a quiet day on the dairy, so he gets to drive equipment and be a help to his dad. Sunday is the day my daughter likes to make everyone pancakes too. All in all, our Sundays are pretty special days. Helping dad so he can be home for pancakes and a restful day gets everything started on the right foot. We're lucky to have kiddos with good attitudes and a desire to spend time with their old mom and dad.

Ok. Back to scouting commercials.

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