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Our milk is specially made by a herd of Jersey cows.  The cows are completely grass-fed, even in the winter months.  No corn, soy or other grains here.  Just grass, the way nature intended.


The girls are special for so many reasons.  

They are:

Certified Organic

Non-GMO Project Verified

Animal Welfare Approved

Completely Grass-fed

A closed herd of cows

Cows are DNA tested to be free of the A1 Beta Casein


We take the health and welfare of the cows seriously.  We go above and beyond organic standards and believe the stress free, healthy environment comes through in the milk.  We're known for letting our calves nurse their mothers.  We let them stay with mama to get a great start on life and also learn how to be a grass-fed cow.  Mama shows them what nature intended.  We're also known for being a trasparent operation.  We want you to know how the cows are treated and how we are making our milk.  


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