The girls and I've been chatting, and we hear you love our milk!

Pure heaven. I recently made butter with your cream, and it is ethereal. I mention your dairy on my eating-local (Pasco) blog whenever I can. Milk as it was meant to be! Sincere thanks.
I gotta have my milk or I start feeling low and lacking energy. When I discovered your grass fed milk and cream...I could hardly believe my luck!
I love your raw milk. Over the years I’ve tried raw milk from many different suppliers in many different places in Washington but to be honest your milk is the best. When I poured a glass for my 4 year old he said “Mama this milk tastes like ice cream”
My family and I were out today to see the farm and LOVED it! You have a great thing going and we appreciate your service to the community!!
Try our entire line of tasty, nutritious milk products
We offer whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, raw milk and heavy cream. Learn more about our products and find tasty recipes.
There is science behind the simplicity of grass-fed cows
It all has to do with something called Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Learn more about CLA and you..
One of the few grass-only dairies in the United States
Located in the heart of the Columbia Basin, our cows are completely grass-fed to provide you with milk that is tasty and nutritious, just as nature intended. Learn more about our dairy.
You should know where your milk comes from
We are Richard and Jill Smith. We started this dairy with our two children in the Spring of 2009. Find out more about us.
[pyoor] adjective (1) Free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes. (2) Containing nothing that does not properly belong. (3) Homozygous in and breeding true for one or more characters.
[air-uh]: noun The Irish name for the island of Ireland.

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